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Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency otherwise known as crypto currency. In the case of the unitary denomination, it is written "bitcoin" and, in the case of the peer-to-peer payment system, it is written "Bitcoin".

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Crypto is digital coin of futur

There was a time when the number and types of cryptocurrencies could be counted. Today that is no longer possible. The cryptocurrency market has grown, grown and grown!

In this article, I will explain the three main types of cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, altcoins, and tokens. By the end of this guide, you will know:

What are the main types of cryptocurrencies
How many types of cryptocurrencies are there?
The differences between them
And the advantages and disadvantages of each

Before learning about the main types of cryptocurrencies, it is important to understand what cryptocurrencies are. If you are already comfortable with your knowledge in this area, please feel free to skip over to the next section and head over to "The Top Three Types of Cryptocurrencies"!

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Elevate your business


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BlockCard has announced that it will launch the very first native Litecoin Visa debit card.
According to Charlie Lee, founder of Litecoin, this is the second time the cryptocurrency has attempted to launch a Litecoin debit card. However, the previous attempt, together with LitePay, was unsuccessful when LitePay went out of business. Lee also noted that it is important to take note of this debit card as it is not just a cryptocurrency card that supports currency, saying:
“There are other crypto debit cards available today that support Litecoin, but they only support funding with LTC. This card is natively LTC, so funds are held in LTC until you swipe it."

Multicurrency wallet

Before you embark on cryptocurrency mining, it is essential to be able to store the fruit of your efforts. As you have a bank account to collect your salary or a wallet to keep a few coins, it is essential to have a quality wallet (or wallet, anglicisms are numerous in the world of cryptocurrencies) capable of supporting you. in all your transactions.

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